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Our School

At first glance, School No. 28 and the Paterson Academy for the Gifted & Talented's (PAGT) hallways may sound quiet, but step into a classroom and you may wonder why students are standing, sitting, or simply in motion, all while engaged in deep, intellectual dialect. This is simply because of the experiences offered at School No. 28 and PAGT, a Paterson Public School District elementary PK-8 school located Paterson, NJ.

Our diverse urban community creates the foundation of our distinct program, which provides learning opportunities to prepare and nurture all students for success. Beginning with our pre-K program and moving through Grade 2, students are introduced to choice opportunities, increasing student motivation and building community. The Special Needs Program at School No. 28 provides access to students who require special services, and is inclusive of students with cognitive impairment and mild to severe language and/or learning disabilities. Additionally, the Gifted & Talented Program remains a program of high academic rigor and expectations, which is comprised of students throughout the city in grades 2-8 who have been screened and identified, and who demonstrate the need for a rigorous curriculum and environment that meets their unique social, emotional, and academic needs. Curriculum in grades 4-8 is compacted and accelerated to meet individual student needs, and a variety of clubs are held during the day to enhance the regular academic program. With the strong support of families and the community, each of the aforementioned academic programs represents our district motto, "We Are All In, And Together We Can Soar."